Prefabricated Houses are homes built from standardized modules, which allow quick and easy assembly adaptable to all types of surfaces.

Our Prefabricated Houses are built from EPS Panels. This material is characterized by high mechanical strength, excellent thermal insulation and resistance to factors such as corrosion and climatic changes, offering high durability and multiple benefits for housing construction.


Our EPS Housing Modules are the most convenient option for personal housing solutions, offices, dining rooms, meeting rooms, locker rooms, security boxes and many other applications.

Fast and simple arming and disarming (4 hs.)
Ease of transfer. Stackable modules.
Great heat insulation. Energy saving.
Built-in electric. Thermal and differential wrenches.
Full Bathroom (toilet, sink, shower and faucet).
Great versatility of uses and designs.


Thanks to its thermal and mechanical properties and its ease of assembly, EPS panels are used for the construction of industrial buildings, single-family houses, housing complexes, refrigerators, school classrooms, truck vans, cold rooms, Modules for offices, and many more applications, always adapting to all kinds of designs, uses and needs.

Expanded polystyrene panel (EPS Panel) consists of two sheets of galvanized steel with expanded polystyrene core (16-20kg/m3) and flame retardant type II. The steel is 25 gauge galvanized, galvanized and pre-painted in the oven with 5 microns of epoxy paint and 20 microns of white polyester.


It is a versatile design element based on true stone replicas. It has great resistance to extreme weather conditions, humidity, cold, sunlight and heat.

It is a lightweight material that installs quickly and easily, and can be placed on any type of surface, even on walls with humidity. It is also washable, has UV filter, and is available in a variety of colors and textures.

Polystone is composed of polypropylene, the thermoplastic polymer obtained from the polymerization of propylene, and various high performance additives.

An innovative option that will allow you to obtain your own style, conditioning indoor and outdoor spaces at a much lower cost than stone.